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Exploring the plastic facets of the universe is the motivation in the current series of Licia B. Simonetti’s paintings. Her central issue is to capture the nuances of colors and possible textures within an infinite range of alternatives. While scientists discuss whether the outer space is in expansion or contraction, the artist gives us her particular view.

An essential issue on the presented canvas is the color. There is a perception of planets, galaxies and stars in which the conversation established between what is seen and photographed from television programs for example, is gradually worked as games between paints and resins.

The resulting visual expression is yet characterized by the constant presence of gold and silver sheets. This feature provides broad readings once the light plays a peculiar role in each piece of work. The nobility of the gold and the sobriety of the silver contribute to create a mysterious atmosphere.

Each interpretation by the artist expresses not only the physicists’ universe but in the discussions she brings out to our eyes there is a progressive maturity in how to deal with materials and space of the canvas enabling a discussion about the existence of us all, with gesture.

Oscar D’Ambrosio, PhD in Education, Arts and History of Culture by Mackenzie University and Master in Visual Arts by Unesp Institute of Arts, a member of Arts International Critics Association (AICA-Brazil Section)

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